asset protection

2 Reasons You May Need Asset Protection Planning

Lawsuits, failed businesses, malpractice, guarantees, leases and other debts  can lead to a loss of assets and wealth.. Fortunately, engaging in effective asset protection planning can help you minimize the…

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am i really judgment proof

Am I Really Judgment Proof?

A common way for a creditor to collect a debt is to sue the debtor and obtain a judgment against him or her. But what if the debtor is judgment…

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estate planning for new parents

5 Estate Planning Steps for New Parents

Adding a child to your family is a life-changing event that significantly affects every aspect of your life. However, one issue you may fail to recognize, particularly as a young…

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protecting rental properties

Protecting Rental Properties from Creditors

Under Florida law, your homestead property, or primary residence in Florida, subject to some limitations, is exempt from creditors trying to collect debts from you. However, other real estate you…

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