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Protecting the Interests of Our Clients from Start To Finish

Our clients include individuals, small businesses, and large companies. Our attorneys represent these clients while engaging in the planning stages of a new business, operating an existing business, or winding down or selling a business that has operated for years. Careful planning is crucial to the success of a business at any stage, so getting legal advice is necessary to ensure that a business transaction of any nature moves forward as intended.

Whether you are forming a new business entity, handling routine business transactions as part of your current business operations, or selling your business, you will benefit from the strong legal representation and advocacy that the business transaction attorneys at Kramer Green can offer you. Every business and corporate transaction is unique, and we strive to clearly understand your needs and goals for the transaction so that we can best represent your interests. Together, we can work to complete the transaction in a manner that both meets your needs and achieves the goals that you have set for your business.

Types of Business and Corporate Legal Matters That We Handle

We represent clients in all types of legal corporate and business matters, regardless of the size of your business or the stage of its development. Common types of business transactions and legal matters that we handle include the following.

New Business Entity Choice

Choosing your type of business entity is a crucial matter. We can explain the benefits and drawbacks of the different types of business entities, including corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships, and sole proprietorships. Various factors determine the entity type best designed to meet your needs, including the legal and tax implications of each type of business entity. Together, we can choose the business entity that makes the most sense for you, your situation, and your desired goals.

New Business Formation

Furthermore, each business entity requires the creation and execution of various documents. For example, depending on the type of business entity you choose, you may need to execute articles of incorporation, articles of organization, and an operating agreement, a shareholder agreement, or a partnership agreement. Creation of a corporation, limited partnership, or LLC requires registration with the State of Florida, as does a sole proprietorship that you wish to operate under an assumed business name. You also likely need to choose a registered agent for service of process, apply for a federal EIN, and execute the appropriate documents to memorialize the first meeting of your business entity, if necessary. Our team can ensure that you comply with all these requirements and help you make the choices needed to help your business succeed.

Business Succession Planning

An integral part of business formation involves business succession planning, or what will happen to your business upon the occurrence of specific events. Addressing these scenarios in advance helps ensure the longevity of your business, avoid costly legal disputes among partners and members, and eliminate uncertainty about the future of the business. Business succession planning can include buy/sell provisions among members, shareholders, and partners. This aspect of business formation may include the admission of or buy-in of new members, shareholders, or partners, which can also be relevant in the event of business expansion.

Periodic Review and Update of Business Policy and Governance Documents

Compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations is crucial to the success of any business. As these laws and regulations change rapidly, all businesses must take steps to familiarize themselves with these changes and ensure that they always remain in compliance. Failure to do so can result in government fines and costly lawsuits. Having an experienced team of business transaction attorneys regularly review your business formation and governance documents can be one of the most effective preventative measures that you can take to protect your business.

Employment Agreements

Businesses benefit from the use of various legal contracts and agreements during the regular course of these business operations. For businesses that hire individuals to perform work for them, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, sales representative agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements (if allowed by law) and non-disclosure agreements are essential to protect business practices, customer lists, trade secrets, and propriety information.

Business Contracts

Aside from contracts involving employees and other personnel, most businesses regularly need to execute various contracts and agreements as a routine part of doing business. For instance, your business may enter into lease agreements for buildings, contracts with suppliers and servicers, and more. Our team is ready to review and negotiate contracts that third parties present to you. We also can draft contracts between you and other parties to your specifications.

Business Sales and Winding Up

We regularly handle the negotiations, preparation, and review of legal documents pertaining to the sales of businesses. When you choose to sell your business, you need to be completely aware of the implications of doing so and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. We can draft and execute all legal documents necessary to complete the sale and review any offers from prospective buyers. We can structure purchase agreements acceptable to all parties involved and achieve your goals. Once we have helped you reach the agreement that best suits your needs, we can assist with the winding up process of your business and all the legal and practical details it entails.

You Can Rely on Kramer Green for Skilled Guidance in Business Transactions

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