Commercial litigation disputes can arise in all operational aspects of your business, from licensing to real estate to insurance claims. We are ready to fight for your rights and protect your interests no matter the issue. Together, we can devise the most likely strategies to reach the outcome you desire in your case.  

Rely on Kramer, Green, Zuckerman, Greene & Buchsbaum, P.A., to represent your interests in any commercial litigation that you may be facing. Our Hollywood commercial litigation attorneys stand ready to provide the solutions you need to your legal problems. Call us at (954) 966-2112 today to make an appointment for a consultation or contact us online. 

Representing Your Interests in All Types of Commercial Litigation

Our commercial litigation cases involve a wide variety of issues related to the operations of your business, from breaches of contract to employment disputes. Some of the more common types of commercial litigation cases in which we represent clients include the following: 

  • Breach of Contract Litigation – Commercial litigation disputes involving breaches of contract may include business partnership agreements, sale and purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, and joint-venture agreements. We review contract provisions and applicable laws to advise you whether a contract is legally enforceable and whether a breach of contract has occurred.  
  • Non-Compete Contract Litigation – Many businesses require non-compete contracts for their professional employees. Litigation may arise over the enforceability of these contracts or allegations that a former employee has breached these contracts.  
  • Real Estate Litigation – Businesses often are involved in real estate transactions, including purchase agreements, commercial leases, zoning, land use issues, and more. When one party breaches these agreements or disputes arise, litigation may be necessary. 
  • Creditor Disputes – All businesses purchase services and supplies from other individuals and businesses or provide them to other individuals and businesses. These contractual arrangements can lead to creditor and debtor disputes that sometimes necessitate litigation.  

We have handled many other types of commercial litigation cases, as well. We have represented clients in many cases, including: 

  • Commercial fraud 
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Mergers and acquisitions 
  • Insurance coverage 
  • Employment law matters 
  • Licensing claims 
  • Dissolution of businesses 

Part of our commercial practice also involves taking measures with all our clients to prevent commercial litigation. Through careful planning techniques, structuring of transactions, and drafting of documents, we take measures to help our clients avoid litigation if at all possible.  

Individualized Legal Representation for Your Commercial Litigation Needs 

In all aspects of legal representation, we focus on communication and dedication to meeting each client’s individual needs. Communication and individualized solutions also are our primary goals when we represent clients in commercial litigation.  

We know even the most cautious individuals can find themselves in difficult circumstances where the only option is litigation. When contracts are breached, employee disputes arise, or business partners sue, litigation may be unavoidable. We are committed to delivering innovative and pragmatic legal solutions. The solutions that we devise are always explicitly focused on the needs of each client.  

Resolving Your Commercial Litigation Needs Efficiently and Effectively

We also recognize the disruption, inconvenience, and stress that ongoing litigation can place on your business. As a result, we are dedicated to resolving your legal issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our goal is to minimize the adverse effects of the litigation on your business so that your focus can remain on moving forward rather than dwelling on the past.  

To that end, we are skilled at litigating cases and resolving them through alternative means when possible. In some cases, we recognize that it may be more cost-effective, quicker, and more efficient to resolve cases outside the courtroom. We can guide you through all available options for resolution and help you make the best decisions for you and your business.  

Experience and Knowledge When You Need It Most 

Our attorneys are knowledgeable, tenacious, and dedicated to achieving successful outcomes. In addition, we have significant experience in a broad spectrum of commercial litigation issues. 

Our attorneys have litigated and taken numerous cases to trial. Our ability to achieve excellent resolutions is consistent. Whether you have a multi-million-dollar case or a small but critical dispute, our team is committed to reaching the most successful outcome possible in your case.  

Call on Your Hollywood Commercial Litigation Lawyers for Help 

When you find yourself in the middle of a business dispute that has reached or is headed to court, you should waste no time in getting a knowledgeable and aggressive lawyer on your side. Having a strong and effective advocate throughout any court proceedings is the best way to protect yourself and your business.  

Contact Kramer Green today by calling (954) 966-2112 or reaching out to us online. Schedule a time to talk with your Miami commercial litigation attorneys about your legal dispute and learn how we can help.  

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