The business litigation lawyers at Kramer, Green, Zuckerman, Greene & Buchsbaum, P.A., represent clients in a wide variety of business disputes. If you have experienced unfair competition, misrepresentation, fraud, or other types of interference in your business relationships, you may need our legal advice and representation.  

From pre-suit negotiations and dispute resolution to trials in the courtroom, we stand ready to represent your interests throughout your legal proceedings. Our job is to identify the solutions to your legal problems and help you obtain the remedies available to you in your case. Call our office today at (954) 966-2112 and set up a time to speak with us about your case. You also can contact us online at any time.  

Representing Our Clients in Business Tort Lawsuits

We are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of business tort law, which typically involve business disputes that are not based on contracts. Individuals may file business tort claims, as may businesses such as corporations and limited liability companies.  

Business torts are intentional actions that harm a person or business in some way. The resulting damages from these tortious actions may adversely impact intangible business assets, a business’s earnings or economic status, or business relationships. These torts involve various claims or causes of action that fall under several different laws. 

Our Hollywood business tort attorneys have extensive experience in both prosecuting and defending business torts. We can help you seek recoverable damages that may be available to you if your business has been the victim of a business tort. These damages may include punitive damages in appropriate cases. We also can help defend you against business tort allegations if you have received notice of a lawsuit filed against you.  

Protecting the Interests of Our Clients From Start To Finish

Our clients include individuals, small businesses, and large companies. Our attorneys represent clients at all stages of the litigation process and have a proven track record of successful verdicts in both state and federal court.  

Our attorneys also recognize that protracted litigation and trial can burden our clients considerably. We know that business torts often involve the reputation of your business and affect its ability to operate smoothly and profitably. We want to help our clients avoid the significant disruptions that litigation often causes.  

As such, our attorneys are skilled in negotiation, arbitration, and mediation. We will help the client pursue these forms of alternate dispute resolution when appropriate. We recognize the benefits of resolving these types of cases skillfully, quickly, and successfully to minimize their disruptions to your business.  

Types of Business Tort Lawsuits That We Handle

Some types of business torts occur more frequently than others. These types of cases include: 

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty – This business tort occurs when one party has a legal duty to act in the best interest of another party, but the party fails to do so.

Some examples of a fiduciary relationship include:  

  • The duty that business partners owe to one another 
  • The duty that a board member owes to a shareholder 
  • The duty that a trustee owes to the beneficiary of a trust 
  • Tortious Interference with Business Relations – Parties commit this tort when they intentionally interfere with a business relationship or contract or with a potential business relationship or contract.  
  • Violation of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act – FDUTPA is the state law that governs unfair and deceptive trade practices. These violations can include fraud, deception, or misrepresentation.  

These are only a few of the most common types of business torts. Our years of experience in handling business tort litigation have led us to regularly represent clients in other types of cases, as well, including the following: 

  • Civil RICO actions 
  • Conversion 
  • Commingling of funds 
  • Fraudulent conveyance 
  • Fraudulent inducement to contract 
  • Tortious interference with contractual relations 
  • Libel, slander, and defamation 
  • Negligence and misrepresentation 
  • Partner and shareholder disputes 
  • Unfair competition and trade practices 
  • Unjust enrichment 

These legal issues can be highly complex, but we can help you understand your rights and potential remedies when you are in this situation. We can help you get any damages to which you are entitled when another person or business has damaged your business. We also can protect you from the damage that frivolous lawsuits can cause.  

You Can Rely on Kramer Green for the Legal Support You Need

The prospect of a business tort lawsuit, whether you are prosecuting or defending against it, can be overwhelming for you and your business. Allow your Boca Raton business tort litigation attorneys to give you the advice and legal representation that you need throughout your legal proceedings.  

Call (954) 966-2112 today to learn more about the legal services that we can offer you. You also can reach us online 

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