Choosing an Agent for your Health Care DPOA

Your health care DPOA agent will be empowered to make health care decisions for you when you are not able to make your own decisions.  In deciding whom to choose, you may want to consider the following:


Are you comfortable discussing your wishes for medical care and end of life treatment with this person? 

You want to choose someone who is willing and able to listen to you and capable of understanding your wishes.  Having a frank discussion with your agent (and with your doctor) is probably the most important thing you can do to ensure your wishes will be followed.

Do you trust this person to carry out your wishes?

If the person you are considering expresses reservations, it may be better to choose someone else.

How far away does this person live?

You should name a person who is nearby, if possible, and will be readily available to discuss your needs with your health care providers.

Is the person you are considering sufficiently assertive? 

You want someone who can articulate your wishes to health care providers and firmly insist they be carried out in the face of possible resistance from health care providers and family members.

People usually choose a spouse, or an adult child or sibling.  However, your agent need not be a relative.  A trusted close friend can be an excellent choice.  If you have named an individual as your agent for financial decisions in a durable power of attorney, you may want him or her to also serve as your health care agent.

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