Health Law

The health law attorneys at Kramer Green Zuckerman Greene & Buchsbaum, P.A. have over 25 years of experience representing physicians and other health care providers, providing the full range of health law and related services designed to meet their needs.  Whether it is counseling a new physician negotiating his or her first Employment Agreement, starting a medical practice or business, assisting in the sale or merger of a client’s practice or business or planning for a physician’s retirement from medical practice, as well as associated matters, the health law attorneys at Kramer Green provide valuable assistance and experience in addressing our clients’ individual needs.

Our health law attorneys serve as legal and business consultants to our health care clients and advise our physician clients on various matters pertaining to the business of medicine, so they can focus on the practice of medicine.  This can include negotiating Employment Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Covenants Not to Compete or Managed Care Contracts, our health care attorneys will assist in literally every business aspect of their practice.  In today’s complicated health care environment, with the alphabet soup of health care organizations, including ACOs, PHOs, IPAs and MSOs, our health law attorneys will assist in determining what is best for our physician clients, including how to best structure such business organizations.

Health care laws and regulations have become increasingly complex, to the point where physicians and other health care professionals are often times violating such laws, thus exposing themselves and their business to significant penalties, without even knowing until it is too late.  Our health care attorneys advise our clients on the various federal and state health care laws and regulations, including the Medicare payment and reimbursement rules and the Federal and State Fraud and Abuse Statutes and Self-Referral Laws, all designed to educate our clients to ensure compliance with these complicated laws and regulations. 

The overall goal is to educate our health care clients on the important laws and regulations which govern their industry and their business, to help them to recognize when potential legal issues or problems arise, so as to empower them to deal with them in advance, rather than after federal or state governmental agencies come knocking at your door. 

Just a few of the areas in which we consult and advise our health care clients are as follows:

  • Analysis of and Negotiating Managed Care Contracts
  • Formation and Structuring of Single Specialty and Multi-Specialty Group Practices
  • Health Care Joint Ventures
  • Organization, Sale and Acquisition of Medical Practices
  • Hospital and Physician Contracts
  • Hospital/Medical Staff Relations, including Medical Staff Disputes
  • Third Party Reimbursement, Including Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Payor Programs
  • Federal and State Regulatory Compliance, Including Medicare/Medicaid and Fraud and Abuse Issues; Self-Referral Issues
  • Physician Covenants Not to Compete  

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